Front label of M. Chevallier Brut Cava from Trader Joe's

Your Holiday Mimosa Kit from Trader Joe’s – Everything you Need for Under $10

Fast facts:

  • M. Chevallier Brut Cava, Spain ($5.99 @Trader Joe’s,  California)
  • Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Pressed Orange Juice ($1.99, California)


Bottles of M. Chevallier Brut Cava and Organic Orange juice from Trader Joe's
Our Mimosa Kit from Trader Joe’s

We’ll keep this short, since you’re undoubtedly busy even in the build up to this quieter and smaller Christmas holiday season.  But maybe you have discovered that being forced to shrink your holiday “footprint” brings some discovery that different doesn’t always mean worse.

We also won’t spend a lot of time talking about this wine, because we have reviewed this wine before. It’s an incredible value for bubbly. And especially if it is being used as a “blender”.

It’s a holiday tradition in my house that we enjoy Mimosas on Christmas morning. And when you are pouring your bubbly into an equal part of orange juice, it’s just plain silly to use expensive Champagne since Cava, Prosecco or California Sparkling Wine will do that job equally well at a fraction of the cost.  Of course, if you have guests that want to sip it straight up and unadorned, then by all means consider pulling the cork on the expensive French stuff.

But if you’re “just” looking to make a Mimosa, this $5.99 Cava from Trader Joe’s (especially paired with their cold-pressed organic OJ!) is perfect for the job.  And despite what I said before, it also tastes very good all by itself.

Soon enough, we’ll be preparing the Christmas Mimosas at mi casa. And we’ll be moving aside the doggie guarding the Christmas gifts in the photo below.

Peace, health and merriment to you and yours.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Photo of Labradoodle in front of a Christmas tree looking impossibly cute!
The current Vinopointer Mascot, the Ivy-Doodle. Merry Christmas one and all.







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