Display of Precision Napa Cabernet in Costco store.

Your Costco Wine Shopping List is Here!

Bottle of Penamonte Tempranillo (left) and Precision Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.
If you’re beating the heat by hiding out in Costco this weekend, keep an eye out for these two bargains….


Here’s a Fast Friday update for two wines to look for if you find yourself at Costco this weekend.

Fast facts:

  • 2016 Peñamonte, Toro, Castilla y Leon, Spain
      ($7.99 @Costco; California, Product #: 1353948)
  • 2017 Precision Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, California ($12.99@Costco; California, Product #: 1359634)

Note the 90 point shout out on the label of the $7.99 Toro (a local variant of Tempranillo) from the esteemed Robert Parker and his Wine Advocate newsletter.  It’s a lot of nice wine for 8 bucks.

I had the Precision Cab the other night, and it too is a nice bottle of wine.  An instant discount of $10 bring the price down to a ridiculous $12.99. If you’re lucky, your Costco will have it case stacked like mine did.

You can buy both for around $20. Crazy since the Napa Cab usually costs that much alone!

And if it’s just too hot to think about red wine, maybe take a look at our recent review of the Kirkland Signature Prosecco  and bring several bottles of that home with you.


2 thoughts on “Your Costco Wine Shopping List is Here!

  1. Honestly, in my opinion, it’s Not such a crazy price since this bottle tastes like 5.00 under a blind test. In fact, I can find much better bottles from Sonoma or Paso for less price. In my opinion, you are paying for the Napa brand only. Also, it tastes more like Malbec vs Cal Cab & I rather dislike pure Malbecs. …Very disappointed I bought this.

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