Costco bin display of Laguna 2017 Russian River Chardonnay

Costco has a great 90 point Chardonnay – for under $10

Fast Facts:

    • 2017 Laguna Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, CA  ($9.99* @Costco in California – Item #575261)                                              * net price after $10 discount at store.

      Front label of Laguna 2018 Russian River Valley Chardonnay from Costco.
      Front label of Laguna 2018 Russian River Valley Chardonnay from Costco. Refreshing!


      Almost exactly a year ago we reviewed the 2017 Kirkland Signature Russian River Valley Chardonnay.  Same vintage. Same grape. Same appellation – the acclaimed Russian River Valley. The key differences?  The Kirkland was $12.99 and awarded just 86 points by the Wine Enthusiast.  This Laguna on the other hand could be yours for $9.99 – after a $10 discount at Costco – and was awarded 90 points by Wine Enthusiast.

      The 260-acre site this wine originates from dates back to the 1800s. Today its neighbors include Paul Hobbs, Kistler, Dehlinger and Dutton Estate – a who’s who of top end Chardonnay producers.

      Now granted, this wine normally sells for $19.99, or so says the display at Costco. You could pay even more online.

      Bottom line: if you are a Chardonnay fan (and it is the best selling white wine variety in the U.S.) this one offers up gobs of value along with gobs of great flavor.

      High QPR here we come!


      Tasting Notes:

      Pours a golden straw color and offers a nose of wet stone, ripe pears, butter and toffee.  On the palate it offers elegant hints of Granny Smith apple, oak, peach and baking spices. Full-bodied with hints of cream, this wine has a soft, lingering finish. Strikes a perfect balance between crisp acidity and ripe fruit flavors. Would pair well with hard cheeses, sushi, lean white meats and fish.


In the Russian River Valley, a long growing season and cool coastal breezes result in a ideal growing conditions for ripe and balanced Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.


Map of Sonoma Wine Appellations
Map of Sonoma Wine Appellations


The cool maritime influence of the Russian River Valley (which funnels cool ocean air to the Sonoma Valley) results in wines that are impeccably balanced.  This dynamic tension between the opulence of ripe Chardonnay and restrained acidity (new world meets old world!) make this a perfect and versatile food wine. It would, of course, be nice with lobster and just about any seafood that is not too fatty. But it would also complement a wide range of other foods so long as they are not too fatty (salmon or steaks for example) or too acidic (pastas with red sauces).


Bottle and glass of 2018 Laguna Chardonnay from Costco, poolside
A good wine to chill, and chill with!


Thanks to our friend and long time reader Moshe for turning us on to this wine.

Have you tried the 2017 Laguna ?  Or do you plan to?  If so, please drop a line in the comments section here, or on our IG or Facebook pages.


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Happy hunting.





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  1. I went to Costco to get Laguna Chardonnay and I was told the haven’t carried since 2012. And they checked all Costco’s in California

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