2021 Kirkland Signature Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina ($6.99 @ Costco, California – Item #1239144)

A Whole Lotta Malbec for $6.99 at Costco

Fast facts:

  • 2021 Kirkland Signature Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina ($6.99 @ Costco, California – Item #1239144)


See that 90 prominently displayed on the neck foil of this Kirkland Signature Malbec?  That was awarded by the critic James Suckling. I am not a slave to others reviews and point systems (heck, I almost always have to deduct two points from the Suckling Scorecard) but I have to admit that it caught my attention. Especially because it is a Malbec from Mendoza (Argentina) – at $6.99 a bottle no less!  This made me put a few bottles in my cart.

Argentinian Malbecs are some of my favorite wines in the world.  Malbec is grown in lots of places, but it finds a unique and wonderful expression there on the slopes of the Andes Mountains.  The fact that is grows so well in Argentina has made it the most planted fine wine grape in the country.

And Costco routinely has several really nice Argentinian Malbec in their “wine set”.  This is one with the Kirkland Signature name is a perennial favorite or ours (in terms of delivering the goods on high QPR) year in and year out.


Tasting Notes:

In the glass it’s a pretty, intense purple/red.  That’s always a promising start.  It has aromas of violets, black cherry, plum and leather.  Once sipped, flavors of red and black berries meld with plum and black cherry. It also has lovely notes of toasted oak, vanilla and coconut, all compliments of the (restrained) oak regimen.  Overall a lovely wine.

Wines made from the Malbec grape are known more for adding flavor than structure, so it’s no surprise that this wine is extremely well-balanced and the tannins tame, which makes it an ideal food wine.  It would pair well with roasted or grilled meats, and would even pair nicely as a stand in when enjoying Italian cuisine. Since most of the Argentinian winemakers I have met think steak should be consumed with every meal, it almost goes without saying that it pairs really well with beef.


Steak, the final frontier. Grilled strip loin, sliced. With Malbec of course.


Originally a French Bordeaux grape, Malbec was brought to Argentina in approximately 1853 by a Frenchman. In France it was predominantly used as a blending grape, but in Argentina Malbec is the signature varietal. This is largely due to the climate which helps bring out the full expression of the grape.

The Malbec grape struggled in France. There it was susceptible to disease, mildew and frost. Once it was brought to Argentina, however, Malbec has had a very different fortune. The grapes thrive in Mendoza due to the dry climate, abundance of sunshine and the high altitude. The Malbec grape has found its ideal home in Argentina at the foothills of the Andes Mountains.


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Happy hunting.


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