Bargain French Champagne – no longer an oxymoron!

NV Kirkland Champagne Brut

Fast facts: NV Kirkland Champagne Brut ($19.99 @Costco, California) Let me start by alerting you to the fact that the $19.99 price tag above is not a typo.  While this blog is devoted – almost exclusively – to wine finds under $10, we couldn’t resist taking this $19.99 French champagne out for a test drive.  … Read moreBargain French Champagne – no longer an oxymoron!

A Summer Slurper for Seafood

2016 Blanka Vinho Verde & 2016 Aveleda Vinho Verde

Fast facts: 2016 Blanka Vinho Verde ($9.99 @Total Wines & More, California) 2016 Aveleda Vinho Verde ($8.99 @Total Wines & More, California) A few years ago, my wife and visited Portugal on a wine buying excursion. On our way to the wine regions of the Douro Valley, we meandered between the small towns that dot … Read moreA Summer Slurper for Seafood

TJ’s Battle of the Blush

2017 Moonlight and Roses from Coteaux d' Aix-en- Provence and 2017 La Coqueluche Vin d' Pays D'Oc

Fast facts: 2017 Moonlight and Roses Coteaux d’ Aix-en- Provence Rosé  $8.99 (@Trader Joe’s,  California) 2017 La Coqueluche Vin de Pays d’Oc Rosé  $5.99 (@Trader Joe’s, California) Something about the month of May, and (call me a sexist) Mothers Day signals the start of the rosé wine season to me, although here is California, there are … Read moreTJ’s Battle of the Blush