Bottle and glass of D'Orsay French Rose from Costco.

D’oh – a Fast Friday No-Brainer from Costco

Today’s Fast Friday find is a delicious and dry D’Orsay French rosé from Costco that has a net price of $6.99 after a $6 instant discount.  Call it half price!

Fast facts:

  • 2018 D’Orsay Rosé, Côtes de Provence, France  ($6.99 @Costco; California – Product #: 1235996)
Bottle and glass of D'Orsay French Rose from Costco.
Pool, float and a well-chilled rose. Everything you need to chill this Labor Day weekend!

Happy Labor Day fellow hounds!  Here is a perfect wine to add to your Costco cart and holiday festivities.  That it’s just $6.99, delicious and only 12.5% alcohol will make it go down ever better!

Tasting Notes:

Notes of melon and wet stone on the nose.  Dry, crisp and well-balanced with a lovely pale salmon color.  Flavors of strawberry, melon, peach and a hint of grapefruit with a long mineral finish.  Not too sweet. Not too tart.  In a world awash with mediocre – and over-priced – rosés, this one is quite literally and figuratively ” refreshing!

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Enjoy your holiday,


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