Bottle and glass of Consilience 2017 Syrah

Be Fast if you Want to Find this “Fast Friday” featured Syrah at Trader Joe’s

If you’re lucky, your local Trader Joe’s will be stocking this Syrah from Consilience. And they still have some in stock…

Fast facts:

  • 2017 Consilience Syrah, Central Coast, California ($11.99 @Trader Joe’s, California)
Bottle and glass of Consilience 2017 Syrah
The Heart of Darkness…inky, opaque – and delicious.

We don’t always have a “Fast Friday” wine to feature here at Vinopointer, but this wine is a perfect example of ones we like to highlight.  It’s one of those wines you shouldn’t think too much about.  Just put it on your weekend shopping list, especially if your trap line is going to take you near Trader Joe’s.

As I have often opined here, part of the trick to discovering great wine values is knowing what grapes grow well in which regions.  And it doesn’t hurt to know which labels are from “real” working wineries as opposed to store brands, second labels, etc.

This wine checked all the boxes:

√ The right grape – Syrah…

√ …grown in the right place – Central Coast of California

√ A current vintage – 2017

√ Known producer with a deep history with the grape – Consilience Syrah

√ The right price – $11.99 (versus $27 on the winery’s website)

Of course, just because a wine – on its face – “checks all the boxes” doesn’t mean it won’t disappoint once in the glass.

This wine, did not disappoint. It delivered on the promises of the winemaker:

Winemaker Notes This wine is rich and deeply colored. It offers oak, cedar, and cranberry on the nose, with a fruitforward, smooth and wellbalanced finish. A beautiful Syrah like this one can hold up to the intense flavors of slow roasted barbecue pork.

Syrah is a perfect pairing for grilled meat and BBQ. We have mentioned this affinity is past reviews such as this one:

I know this winery.  I respect this winery.  I have been to its tasting room, which was in Santa Ynez before moving to Solvang.  You can find out more about it here:

I was giddy to find this wine on the shelf at my local Trader Joe’s.  May you be equally lucky.


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