Three Perfectly Good Wines, Each Just $4.99!

2016 Maison Barboulot Cabernet-Syrah & 2016 Sterling Chardonnay, California & 2017 Maison Barboulot Marsanne-Viognier

Fast facts: 2016 Maison Barboulot Cabernet-Syrah $4.99 (@Trader Joe’s; California) 2016 Sterling Chardonnay, California $4.99 (@Costco; California) 2017 Maison Barboulot Marsanne-Viognier $4.99 (@Trader Joe’s; California) I have to admit that I was avoiding tasting these three wines because more often than not, wines priced below $5 are a bit of a crap shoot, the operative … Read moreThree Perfectly Good Wines, Each Just $4.99!