2 Under 10, dollars that is

Bottle and glass of BenMarco Malbec from Costco

Two wines under $10. One is a French white blend from Trader Joe’s and the other an Argentinian Malbec from Costco.

Another Trader Joe’s GSM – Crazy High QPR at $6.99

Close up photo of Pontificis 2016 GSM

Fast facts: 2016 Badet Clement Pontificis GSM, Languedoc-Rousillon, France ($6.99 @Trader Joe’s, California)       Long time readers will have come to understand that QPR is shorthand for Quality to Price Ratio.  It’s a good measure of wine value. This one scores super high on that scale. And if you read our review of a … Read moreAnother Trader Joe’s GSM – Crazy High QPR at $6.99